Why is it important to take breaks from social media?

I can’t emphasize enough on how it’s important to take time to be on your own for a while away from the media away from the crowd just to reflect, to get know yourself better and to live in the moment. 
I decided a while ago that I will always go for social media detox whenever feel I needed to because its really important. Sometimes I feel like I pressurise myself a little too much to post and to be active. When I tried taking two weeks off last week, I noticed that I had more time to connect with others, to read and to be present in every moment. I also didn’t feel like I had to post about anything so I used to not be on my phone as much as before. 




Even if I blog and post a lot about my lifestyle, I don’t show every detail of my life cause I really appreciate my privacy, I love to have boundaries and to know what to share and what not to share. I have a choice of showing people what I want but most importantly I have to always be genuine and authentic in whatever I do.
Taking two weeks off made me reflect more on what I want to do, and if whatever I do reflects my authentic self. I came to realise that, I am the same person but I just need to stop pressurising myself to be very active when I don’t have to!
I usually use social media to reflect on how I feel and I love to always focus on showing a genuine lifestyle away from focusing on materials and fancy things! Because I know that more people want to see “real life” and they want to see people that they can relate to.
Whenever you feel confused or you feel you need a break, take it! its very important to connect with yourself and to connect with people in real life. Media takes a lot from our energy and stops us from living the moment sometimes. It also amazing to take a break while you’re traveling and to be surrounded by nature. You don’t have to put a time limit just delete every platform that distracts you, and be away until you feel you are ready to be back! trust me you will be back with a better energy. 


“The higher you climb within yourself, the more you will see. The more you come to know who and what you really are as a person, performer and as a leader, the more value you will be able to contribute to the world around you” Robin Sharma

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