My trip to Singapore in March 2017 ..

One of the important things that I’m focusing on in my website is sharing my travel experiences. Since I recently started working on website, I thought I will post travel experiences once in a while. I will mention what I liked, did not like and learned. 
My trip to Singapore was really fast, I went there for a business trip but I thought that it will be a good idea to stay for a few days to discover the city. I visited the most important museums. and my favourite one was the history and the science museum.


Singapore was the second destination that I visited in Asia after Bali. I felt it was very modern as I prefer cities that are full of culture and that are more authentic. What I liked about Singapore it was very clean and they really focus on the sustainability of their environment. The shopping there was amazing! (Although I am not a shopping kind of person). I felt it was a very busy city and I didn’t really feel that warm feeling when I went to be honest. I usually love the place by its people and by its feeling. The city had many interesting buildings and things to do I enjoyed visiting muesums of Singapore.
I loved the taste of coffee there, Singapore was full of artisan style coffee shops and thats something that makes me really happy.
I think if you will visit Singapore 3-5 days it will be enough.
I haven’t taken many photographs there with my professional camera but I will add the Vlog/Video that I made and shared my experience bellow. In the video you will find all the destinations that I visited. 
Finally, It was a good experience indeed, maybe I wouldn’t visit again but I’m glad that I ticked it off my list. 
Singapore Video 
Here are some pictures I took while visiting Singapore zoo:


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