My trip to Norway – Oslo ..

I traveled last week to Norway – Oslo and stayed there for nearly 5 days. Norway was on my list for a while and chose it randomly two months ago and it was absolutely  beautiful! I didn’t regret choosing this destination!

Before Ramadan I was thinking of a destination that I can go to and relax. Also, I wanted to go somewhere that not many people from my region visit I wanted to have a unique trip! I thought of Norway cause it has my name (Nor)way .. umm no I’m just kidding ! I chose Norway because I’ve never been to a Scandinavian country and always heard the best about these areas! I also heard that Norwegians drink coffee more than any other people in this world and I always love traveling to places that have the best coffee and coffee shops! I am a huge coffee lover!! I heard that Norway is a quiet chilled out country and full of scenery. So I decided to cross Norway out of my list and fly there!

I only had the chance to visit Oslo, I actually wanted to visit other areas especially country sides! I wasn’t able to plan further and also wanted to visit so many museums in Oslo. Hopefully in the future I will get the chance to visit other cities such as bergen etc… 

My trip was amazing! I was slightly worried at the beginning and was thinking in my head how Norwegians would be like, will they be welcoming? I really loved the city and loved its people! Norwegians are very reserved but they are so kind and helpful. Whenever I asked anyone questions or asked for directions they were always ready to help! I think the people of a certain destination make you love the place even more! In my opinion, Norwegians were the kindest out of all European countries that I visited! 

I called Norway the Land of kindness and peace, because thats what I felt when I was there! I was so comfortable and relaxed! And no doubt that Norway gives the Nobel peace prize and has a Nobel peace prize museum! This shows their kindness and acceptance! Its full of culture, many beautiful museums, the best coffee shops and the best food!

Many people say that its expensive but I think you can always know how to spend wisely and know the tricks of traveling with taking care of how much you spend! well, I will leave this for another post and give you some advices about traveling cheap!

Soon this week I will post my Norway vlog! And will add the places that I visited! 

Here, I made a short video and tried to put what I felt in few scenes:

Norway – Oslo

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