We don’t belong to a certain nation we’re all citizens of this world!


One of the things I am blessed with is having the opportunity to enjoy being around people and knowing the value of embracing other cultures. I grew up being around different people because my parents always had multi cultural friends, I always felt comfortable getting to know people from different backgrounds. But I started appreciating having multicultural friends when I moved to London and also when I started my travel journey because I grew up having 99.9% Qatari friends only. I loved being exposed to new people, getting to understand more about our differences. We all seem different but we all have common things to share. What I learned as well is differences never matter if we try to accept and understand each other. Even being on social media gave me the opportunity to make friends globally and now whenever I travel I always have people everywhere that are willing to meet me. I grew up appreciating whatever is different; I learned that having friends from different cultures is something that shaped my personality and made me learn a lot about this world. I learned the beauty of diversity and how it is great to be around people that you can learn new things from. Having a multi cultural heart is something I am proud of and I always try to fit in everywhere I go even if it’s a matter of time. This world is our home and we all belong to the creator, we don’t belong to a certain nation we’re all citizens of this world!

One thought on “We don’t belong to a certain nation we’re all citizens of this world!

  1. Rich values, inspiration, sharing, respect in our similarities as well as our differences through our colours, our ideas and origins. Once jumped on the plane to Indonesia, a touching slogan was raised there when i toured the islands “unity in diversity”


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