Why do we keep holding on?


28th of December 2016..
Sometimes we get attached to things, people and never think that we might lose them any time soon. We give our hearts and time fully for the things we love without conditions. We trust in them and sometimes make them our priority before anything else. Then there comes a day where we just lose what became our priority . Our hearts gets torn apart because we never imagined that losing them was even possible. We always see the good things in people that we don’t want to lose. We see them perfect and that no one in this world could possibly be better than them! sometimes we give more without thinking that this person truly deserves because our eye’s were too blind.  God loves us the most and wants us to go through hardships in this life to learn and to give us better in return! being in these kind of situations doesn’t necessarily mean that you are unlucky or that God wants to punish you. God chose this time to show you a lesson that you will understand in the future. This lesson will be a proof that no one in this world deserves your full heart and commitment before yourself. Your time is precious and you should not waste it on any human! The happiness you create for yourself will help you to not build your happiness based on other people, you are responsible for it. Whenever you have something or you meet someone special never ever take them for granted! and never make anyone a priority before yourself!



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