Beauty is found in simple details.


Sometimes we find beauty in simple things .These little things can make a person or a place very attractive. Viewing things from different angles makes you see the world in another way. If you see the beauty in simple things around you, its a sign of how your mind is precious. Beautiful minds don’t see the flaws or negative aspects straight away, they look for beauty first. Let me give you an example! Some people might be attracted by only physical features and are very specific in terms of beauty. Some people think that a beautiful person must have a perfect nose, flawless skin , pretty eyes etc… if everything seems perfect they would call a person pretty. On the other hand, Some people might be attracted by a person’s smile, mind or the way that person treats others. Great minds always see the simple beauty in others, beauty that means more than looks or wearing the most expensive things. Beauty is found in simplicity and the purity of the soul.
09/12/15 16:13pm
Image was taken in 2014- London

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