Cambridge 2010.

(These images were taken in 2010)
 Let me begin with remembering the most beautiful moments of my life. Back in 2010, I decided to travel to UK to do my BA degree. The first stop of my successful journey was in Cambridge. I lived there for about a year to do my foundation course. I can say that I loved Cambridge from the first sight! Its so classy, peaceful and full of educated minds. I loved how the buildings were so vintage. Besides the fact that me and my Saudi room-mate had nothing to do but go to the cinema nearly everyday! we made the best out of it! Cambridge is unlike London, everything closes so early around 8pm. But the good thing was that London was only 45 minutes away which was very convienient and easy for us to go there in the week ends. I loved cambridge with all my heart because i made good memories and I met my gorgeous friend Roya from Saudi Arabia. Cambridge was the first place I lived in the UK and I visited Cambridge again after 5 years when I graduated … and relived every moment! I promised my self that I will visit Cambridge again before moving back to Doha, and I did!
The second stop for me after Cambridge was London ….

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