Before she loved her self


Before she loved her self …
She waited for the world to love her,
She waited for someone to make her feel special,
She never really believed in her self or that she was a blessing for people around her,
She never felt pretty until someone told her that she is…
She woke up one day and started to love her self..
She finally grew up …
She realised how she has the power to inspire others ..
She realised how she is capable of making people around her smile.
For the first time she looked at the mirror and saw her beautiful face and smiled.
She never knew that she was capable of loving her self more than others would do
She never thought that loving her self would make her happy, until she did…
The way she views life now is different, she doesn’t wait for someone to make her feel happy anymore because she knew that if she loved her self she won’t allow anyone to control her feelings anymore!
She won’t allow anyone to break her, because she knows her own worth.
Written on 25/11/2015

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